Kidiki School


Giving all children of Namwendwa a key to their future through high quality education (boys and especially girls).


in 2004, parents and friends of the namwendwa dairy farmers cooperation decide to found a school for the children of namwendwa ‘kidiki’. kidiki school offers primary education in ‘kidiki parents school’ and secundary education in ‘kidiki secundary school’. in 2008 jos and frieda decide to support the school.

Kidiki ss

  • in 2012, the school obtains a very important step: the official accreditation and an official exam number. as a result pupils can take exams in their own school and their degrees are officially recognized! in the following years, a girls and boys boarding school has been fully realized (2014), ‘kidiki online’ becomes reality (2016), the new teachers ’room is an eye catcher for the school and an official gate is built (2017).
  • in 2019, three new classrooms are finished at kidiki ss and they start a partnership with students from’ academics for development - leuven’. our big dream is: to realise a-level education (two last years of secondary education) at kidiki ss!
  • the year 2020 is another milestone for kidiki ss. director michael and his team start the construction of another three new classrooms and a laboratory, a direct preparation for a-level! one day our dream will come true! but 2020: covid-19 turns everything upside down. the schoolyear is declared "lost" by the government! teachers lose their salary! students lose an entire schoolyear! only the senior students resume in October.
  • In 2022, the cooperation with 'academics for development' is no longer disrupted by covid-19. the students realise their plans: implementation of a vegetable garden, based on agro-forestry, with its own irrigation and worhshops on mental health.
  • In 2022: starting up an alumni union.
  • In 2023, kidiki ss obtains the official A-level accreditation! classes start in March 2023. 'academics for development' again adopts the project.

Kidiki parents' school

  • kidiki parents' school is also building a boarding school for boys and girls (2017-2018), a teachers' room and a new kitchen (2018). in 2019 they will start a nursery department. after a difficult start, the chicken project is profitable in 2020! But: for all the children, with the exception of the final years, the year has been declared "lost”! teachers lose their salary.
  • 2022: start of the 'profuturo' project or 'e-ducation' for teachers and students.
  • 2023: construction of three additional classes for kindergarten.
  • 2023: establishment of the kidiki ss-jos kuppens-foundation.

Other Organisations

“if you must look ahead one year then sow a seed. if you must look ahead ten years, then plant a tree. but if you must look ahead one hundred years, then educate the people.” (African proverb)