Kidiki School


Giving all children of Namwendwa a key to their future through high quality education (boys and especially girls).

2004 Parents of the Namwendwa Dairy Farmers Cooperation and friends decide to found a school for the children of Namwendwa. Kidiki school offers primary and secundary education.
2008 jos and frieda decide to support the school.
2011 the school applies for official accreditation and an official exam number.
2012 the school obtains both accreditation and the exam number. An important step! As a result, pupils can take exams in their own school and their degrees are officially recognized.
2014 Due to the success, the school creates a boarding school for both boys and girls.
2016 ’Kidiki online’ is a reality! This project provides internet access to the teachers and pupils of Kidiki, The school has about 500 pupils.
2017 the girls and boys boarding school voor kidiki secondaru school has been fully realised. the new teachers’ room for kidiki secondary school is an eye catcher for the school.
2018 the establishment of the boys and girls boarding school in kidiki parent’s (elementary school) has been completed. a range of teaching materials is purchased and, as we speak, a teacher’s lounge is to be built. in kidiki secundary school a new ‘gate’ has been realized and the construction of three more classrooms has begun. in the meanwhile, we continue the purchases of more teaching and sports materials.

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“if you must look ahead one year then sow a seed. if you must look ahead ten years, then plant a tree. but if you must look ahead one hundred years, then educate the people.” (African proverb)