Kidiki School

The aim is giving all children of Namwendwa a key to their future through high quality education (boys and especially girls). The achievements are first and foremost the result of the combined philosophy and actions of the direction, teachers, and pupils of Kidiki. Together with them, we worked on:

  • building and providing windows and doors for classrooms, a library, a lab space, archival space, and a teacher’s.
  • official accreditation of the secondary school, allowing to hand out legally recognized degrees!
  • Providing electricity and placement of solar panels, purchase of didactic materials.
  • Building dorm rooms for girls and for boys from the secondary school, including bunk beds and mosquito nets.
  • providing second-hand sporting materials.
  • the project ‘Kidiki online’. A dream in 2013, a reality in 2016! Michael, the school’s principal, teachers and pupils are very excited that they have internet access through the school. Pupils see illustrations in colour, exam questions are computerized, end of year reports are printed on a small printer, the pupils of the final grade receive two hours of computer instruction on a weekly basis.
  • building of a new sanitary block (see pictures).
  • purchase of large printer and administrative software for the secretary.
  • hiring of an ict-manager and an ict-teacher. Half of their salary is paid by support from belgium (see pictures).
  • electricity on the entire campus (see pictures).
  • building of a new teachers’ room.
  • concrete floor in all classrooms (see pictures).
  • finishing of the boys dorm for the primary school (see pictures).
  • in the elementary school: a new coat of paint in the girls boarding school, cementing the floor of the boys boarding school, acquiring loads of teaching- and sports materials, building a new teacher’s lounge (see pictures).
  • in the Secundary School: the construction of an entrance gate (required by the inspection/authorities) and putting the finishing touches to it, laying a cement floor in the new class for S2, the contruction of three complimentary classrooms, purchasing a lot of teaching- and sports materials, extra’s for the math teachers, transport of the equipment for the Science classroom, renovation and new cabinets for the office of the principal Michael (see pictures).

Women's Group

“Together we will change our future.” The achievements are first and foremost the result of the combined philosophy and actions of the members. Together with them, we worked on:

  • doubling the micro-investments of the group to benefit one or more members of the group (buying seeds, paying school fees of members or their children, medication, ...).
  • but also working towards bigger projects: a piglet for each member, creating a banana plantation, ...
  • development of a business plan for a business project on renting out materials for festivities. The members realize that solely focusing on agriculture is not sufficient. More diversification is need to escape poverty.
  • the ‘party project’ is very successful: two groups have tents, chairs, and cooking pots and rent it out and this generates extra income.
  • organization of numerous workshops, among others on gender equality.
  • creating festive outfits to rent out in the context of the ‘festivities project’.
  • first installment in order to purchase a storage place for the tents, chairs, casseroles, ...
  • restoration of the wheelchair of Ronald.
  • identity documents for the members who are not yet officially registered.
  • purchase of fodder for the ‘pig project’.

Dairy Farmers Coorporation

The aims are to achieve sustainable agriculture, food security, a higher family income, less manual labor and better hygiene through education. The achievements are first and foremost the result of the combined philosophy and actions of the members of the cooperation. Together with them, we worked on:

  • joint purchase of 100 of agricultural land.
  • joint purchase of a farming tractor.
  • supporting the Tourism project.
  • supporting the further development of the Vocational Training Center.
    • connecting to the water supply and building a water reservoir.
    • building of ‘practical units’ for cows, goats, pigs, and chickens.
    • providing cement floors, and plastering and painting of walls for classrooms.
    • startup of classes.
    • purchase of handbooks and didactical materials.
  • organization of numerous workshops, among others on gender equality.
  • stephen builds, in cooperation with the ugandan government, a dam and joining irrigation project on the compund of the vocational training centre (see pictures).
  • half the wage of the new responsible will be payed by belgium (after the appointment).

In general

Collaborations with....

  • the members of Okwagaanana in Namwendwa.
  • Karel de Grote Hogeschool, faculty of chemistry in hoboken (antwerp, belgium)
  • WereldWiskundeFonds in the netherlands
  • Esdoorn Elementary School in ombeek
  • ‘Streetfriends’ in Zemst-Laar
  • municipality of Zemst
  • Femma, Xenia, KWB, MAF Machelen
  • parish team machelen
  • additional fundings by HaCeCo-T and Salembier BVBA
  • numerous individual sponsors in Belgium, big and small, they support us in thought and action.
  • our granddaughters Kika and Livia, and Esmée, daughter of Elke and François, who give us their birth present.
  • companies who sponsor our actions, such as Telenet, Informeel Bvbam, HaCeCo-T, Texas instruments, Salembier BVBA.
  • from The Netherlands, members of PUM and in particular Mr. Paulus Hettinga provide advice for the Dairy Famers Cooperation.
  • the town of Machelen financially supports the Vocational Training Center.
  • the Vilvoorde Council if International Development supports the project.
  • Wereldwinkel Vilvoorde: ondersteunt het project.
  • sports clubs such as the Machelen Soccer club who donate soccer balls, volleyballs, shirts, …
  • granddaughter lena: half of the savings from her spring party go to kidiki.
  • little sanne donates a large part of her birth’s presents .
  • esdoornschool in hombeek and holy heart of maria in berlaas set up actions to raise funding.
fair nature & society, an initiative that sells biological wine and products, donates half of its profit to the project. see website.

More information (in Dutch)

“A miracle solution does not exist, but small steps can and will change things a lot” (Stephen, Namwendwa, 2011)