Dairy Farmers Coorporation


The aims are to achieve sustainable agriculture, food security, a higher family income, less manual labor and better hygiene through education.

1997 At the initiative of Stephen Mubiru, the local cooperation ‘Namwendwa Dairy Farmers Cooperation’ is founded (long before jos and frieda are present). The cooperation aims to increase the quality of life in the subdistrict by setting clear goals, timing, and long term plans.
2011 jos and frieda start to provide support for two elements of the cooperation: (1) the development of vocational Training Center or VTC that aims to train young farmers (men and women) with a focus on ecology and sustainability, and (2) the expansion of the local tourist project, in which tourists visit Namwendwa as part of their round trip in Uganda. The tourists stay at the premises of the VTC and members of the cooperation act as their guides. The income this generates is used for instance to pay teachers’ salaries. Treating man and nature in respectful and responsible ways are keywords of this project.
2015 Collaboration with the East African Dairy Development (EADD).
2016 ‘Community facilitators’ travel into hard to reach villages and communities to train farmers and teach them new skills.
2017 startup of numerous workshops, among others on gender equality.
2018 stephen builds, in cooperation with the ugandan government, a dam and joining irrigation project on the compund of the vocational training centre.

Other Organisations

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